Vidwan R.K.Srikantan Trust

Vidwan R.K.Srikantan Trust was established in 1995 on the day the maestro was felicitated by his disciples & well wishers on the occasion of his 75th birthday at Bangalore, with the avowed objective of promoting and preserving the rich heritage of Indian Classical Carnatic Music in its wider perspective and also promotion of youth and non resident Indians.

The Trust has the following ambitious plans

1. Conducting national level workshops and seminars.
2. Providing free music lessons to the economically backward deserving students.
3. Training overseas students and provide them with residential facilities.
4. To build a library and archive
5. Publications
6. Production of CDs and Cassettes.
7. To train students in devotional music helping them to build character & inculcate values.
8. To conduct annual Music Festival

The trust currently conducts annual Sankranthi Music Festival in the month of January, featuring following programmes.

1. Felicitations to veteran musicians of repute,art patrons & critics.

2. Inaugural lecture on an interesting and important aspect of carnatic music by a noted musicologist.

3. Publication of monographs, and book on music and also cassettes to be made available at the connoisseurs at cheaper price.

4. Arranging concerts by promising young talents and senior musicians

The trust also aspires to have a own building to fulfill these dreams.

With such a grandiose and ambitious plan on the anvil the trust needs a whole hearted co-operation and patronage from the public & connoisseurs alike and hence welcomes liberal financial support to enable us to achieve our aims listed above.

Donations and endowments will be duly and gratefully acknowledged by way of insertion of their names in the invitation and also display of name boards in the auditorium. Names of donors from abroad contributing 1000 dollars and above and from India contributing Rs.10000 and above would be displayed on boards in the auditorium. Donations can be made in favour of Vidwan R.K.Srikantan Trust by cheques.

Public donations would be exempted from Income Tax under 80G.

Trust Address:

Vidwan R.K.Srikantan Trust (R)

#4,Puttaranganna Layout, Shesadripuram,

Bangalore -560020,India. Phone: 080-23368190

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kmrasika said...

First of all, it was heartening to read about a great Vidwan from a unbroken traditional sangIta parampara with a glorious career spanning many decades.

Could you elaborate on the publications of the RK Srikantan Trust?